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Call Reports
Made Simple

Measuring bank performance is a breeze.

BankRegData can help you increase sales.


We take the Quarterly Call Report data and make it easy to visualize trends and understand performance.

Our metrics are simple, yet powerful, and allow you to quickly identify a bank's strengths and opportunities.

Over 600 clients and 4,000 users trust us to improve their bank analyses.

Bankers & Board Members

Tired of looking at rows and rows of numbers? Our color-coded tables and charts make trend identification a snap.

BankRegData measures performance on over 475 metrics. Each metric compares you to a default national peer group.

You also have the capability to create up to five custom peer groups per bank.

Consultants & Vendors

How using BankRegData can help:

Prospect Review: Knowledge of a bank's performance can go a long way to making a positive impression.

Create Prospect Lists: Instead of hunting one by one use our Exports to identify those banks most likely in need of your service/product.

Asset Managers & Investors

Our clients use the Call Report data to complement their review of GAAP filings.

BankRegData simplifies credit reviews, yield analyses, funding studies and deposit market share changes.

This capability either does not exist for GAAP data or is incredibly time intensive to acquire.

BankRegData clients with valid email addresses can create a Login provided their email URL matches the URL of the person who set up the subscription.First Name:Last Name:Email Address:
Raymond James Bank
City:Saint PetersburgAssets:24,924,557,000
Loan PortfolioNPL %
Commercial & Ind0.32
1-4 Fam 1st Liens0.49
Loans to Individuals0.00
Commercial RE0.63
Multifamily RE0.00
Construction & Dev0.00
Asset TypeYield
1-4 Family Res3.33
All Other RE5.07
Commercial & Ind4.74
Treasury & non-MBS 
Mortgage Backed2.43
All Other Securities0.00

Email Commentary

06-07: Credit Card TDRs 05-08: 2019 Q1 Asset Review 03-08: Consumer Lending Trends 02-08: 2018 Q4 Asset Review 01-17: Income Statement Review 12-03: Bank Auto Lending 11-07: 2018 Q3 Asset Review 10-11: Non Interest Income 09-11: Ag Lending Analyses
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Custom Peers

Our Custom Peer capability allows you to track performance against a specific set of banks you want to compare a bank to.

Clients and Free Trial users can create up to five (5) Peer Sets for each institution. There is no limit on the number of peers.

Export Data

With just a few clicks you can export data to your computer. Our process is simple, intuitive and fast.

All our data is available for download. You can export All Banks, one Bank and Industry level data from 2003 Q1 forward.

Custom Exports are available which allow you to target specific data elements and filter criteria.

Deposit Market Share

In the Branch Deposits section of the site you can find a bank's deposit market share by State, County, Metro, City and Zip Code.

You can also track which banks and branches are growing share and which are falling behind.

Peer Set Primer Peer Set Primer Create up to 5 Custom Peer sets. Create up to 5 Custom Peer sets. Manage your Custom Peer sets. Manage your Custom Peer sets. Community Banks below $2 Billion
in assets also have a default State Peer.
Community Banks below $2 Billion
in assets also have a default State Peer.
Shared Custom Peer sets common
to all bank staff.
Shared Custom Peer sets common
to all bank staff.

Default National Peers

Each bank has a default peer set containing 99 national peers. The vast majority of our metrics use the closest 99 on asset size.

For loans we use the closest 99 on each loan portfolio (e.g. for C&I it would be the closest 99 on C&I).

The 99 peers also has the side benefit of producing an ordinal ranking. The ranking measures which percentile the bank falls in.