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About the Company

BankRegData is focused on building a simple to understand solution to reviewing Bank Call Report performance. We refrain from trying to be all things to all people and instead focus on creating a value priced offering that appeals to a wide audience.

While far from perfect, the site has come a long way since our introduction in May 2010. Clients and long term observers are aware of our continual efforts at improving the service.

We are fortunate in that over 500 clients and 3,300 users choose to use BankRegData every day.

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About the Data

The source data is from the Quarterly Call Reports that each bank is required to report to their regulatory agency each quarter.

Since 2012 Q1 the data is from the FFIEC Central Data Repository (CDR) web services which is real time. Prior to 2012 the data is from the Statistics on Depository Institutions (SDI) download section which is released 58 days past quarter end. We update from the CDR weekly.

Site Enhancements

Never satisfied, we are constantly trying to improve the site. Alas, the more we add, the more we realize we need to do. Never enough hours.

A partial list of enhancements follows:

08-24-17: Tax Equivalent Calcs for Yield, NIM & Pre-Tax NOI

Some Loan and Securities types are Tax Exempt. The UBPR creates a second set of calculations for Net Interest, Net Interest Margin and Pre-Tax Net Operating Income to adjust for the impact of taxes.

08-23-17: Sub S Adjusted ROA

Sub S banks pass through income to the owners and therefore show a higher Book ROA than non Sub S banks since no Taxes are reported at the bank level.

The UBPR's Sub S Adjusted Net Income for the ROA calculation backs out estimated taxes and provides an Apples to Apples comparison across all banks.

07-20-17: Threshold Alerts

Each bank now has a section on their "Bank Home" Main page that highlights any metrics that trigger threshold levels.

The Threshold Alerts allow users to quickly identify issues.

06-29-17: Shared Custom Peers for Bank Clients

Bank clients now have the option to create Shared Custom Peer sets available to all bank staff rather than copying over Custom Peer Sets to each staff members login.

The new process eliminates the "drifting" of peeer sets that happens when staff members make changes that are not replicated by other staff members.

06-21-17: CSV Exports

The export options under the Export menu now produce CSV files rather than the prior XML files. The XML files were nicely formatted, but resulted in much larger files. CSV files are 20% the size and are easily imported into Excel.

05-22-17: Added 3 sub-categories for All Other Loans

Loans to States/Munis, Loans to Nondepository Financial Institutions and Loans to Carry or Purchase Securities are available under the Loan Review section for All Other Loans.

The Call Reports have no associated delinquencies, charge offs or recoveries for these loan portfolios.

03-31-17: 051 Call Report

Incorporated new 051 Call Report into site. The 051 is a slim version Call Report for banks sub-$1 Billion in assets.

03-12-17: Liquidity Ratios

Added 8 new Liquidity Ratios and created a new Liquidity section bringing all 12 ratios into one location. Figues sync to the UBPR.

01-13-17: Schedule RC-K Averages

Switched the calculations for the Yield, Funding, Average Assets and Average Earning Assets ratios to match the figures from Schedule RC-K and the UBPR.

10-04-16: Time Deposits detail for <$100k and >$100k

In addition to added detail on Jumbo v. non-Jumbo CDs users can also view history on duration.

10-04-16: Service Listing Deposits

Amount of deposits obtained through the use of deposit listing services that are not brokered deposits.

08-29-16: Added New Loan Loss Allowance Ratio

The new ratio divides ALLL by Total Loans less Loans Held For Sale.

08-19-16: Custom Peer 5 Year Export

Users can now export five years of data on custom peers. This is a slick update that allows for extremely quick data pulls for banks in a custom peer list.

05-22-16: Loan Data 2012+

The new Loan Data section details all available loan types along with associated delinquencies, charge offs and recoveries.

New available loan types include CRE breakdowns (owner-occupied and non-owner), Construction breakdowns (1-4 Family 1st and Other) along with Depository Institutions, Foreign and All Other.

Restructured loans of each type and status are integrated as well.

01-21-16: ALLL Detail Heat Maps

Similar to the NPL % Heat Map the ALLL Detail Heat Map details allowance percentage trends for the 6 separate loan portfolios reported in Schedule RI-C.

ALLL Heat Maps exist at the Bank Level (>1B in assets), State, All Banks and asset size bands. Users are able to identify which portfolios are seeing increases and decreases in ALLL rates.

01-06-16: Nonperforming Loan % Heat Maps

NPL % Heat Maps allow for extremely quick identification of NPL % trends by detailing 8 quarters NPL% for 13 loan portfolios in one easy to read table.

Multiple Green & Blue quarters show sustained improvement while Yellow and Orange strung together indicates a portfolio that is experiencing worsening NPL rates.

10-12-15: Growth Metrics

Added a "Growth Metrics" section to the site that should make bank trend analysis simpler and quicker.

On 49 data elements users can now toggle between 5 quarter and 5 year growth trends as well as easily export 20 Quarters (5 Years) worth of data.

07-13-15: Added Absolute $ Chart to Several Sections

Added another content section (dollar amount of metric) to the Asset Review, Securities Data, Liabilities & Equity, Income & Expense, Asset Quality and Loan Data sections.

The charts allow the user to easier visualize dollar trends of component.

05-04-15: Added Schedule RI-C Loan Loss Allowance Detail

The Loan Loss Allowance (ALLL) Detail is reported by all banks with Total Assets of $1 Billion or more.

Includes ALLL detail on Construction, Comm RE, Residential RE, Commercial, Credit Card and Other Consumer Loans. Data is from 2013 Q1 forward and syncs to the start date of Schedule RI-C.

04-07-15: Updated Efficiency Ratio Calculation

Starting 2012 Q1 forward the Efficiency Ratio syncs to the UBPR calculation. The UBPR ratio is Total Non Interest Expense as a percentage of Adjusted Operating Income (Tax Equivalent).

Prior to 2012 the calculation is Total Non Interest Expense as a percentage of Net Interest Income (NIM).

03-27-15: Added 1-4 Family Res Mortgage Banking Activity Data

Add 22 additional fields from Schedule RC-P 1-4 Family Residential Mortgage Banking Activities.

New fields track Retail & Wholesale originations during quarter of 1-4 family residential mortgage loans for sale. Only banks >$1B in assets or with >$10M in MBA report.

03-17-15: Added 1-4 Family 1st Liens Held For Sale

Added field RCONF072 from Schedule RC-P 1-4 Family Residential Mortgage Banking Activities. This allows breakdown of Loans Held For Sale into "1-4 Family 1st Liens" and "Other". 2012 Q1 forward.

02-16-15: Added RI-E Other Noninterest Expense Components

Expanded Noninterest Expense section to include 10 additional items from Schedule RI-E. Examples include Data Processing, Advertising and Telecommunications expense. Goodwill and Amortization Expense was also added. 2012 Q1 forward.

12-16-14: Added 1-4 Family Foreclosure in Process

Loans secured by 1-4 family residential properties (1-4 First, 1-4 Junior and Home Equity) in process of foreclosure. 2012 Q1 forward.

09-29-14: Added ADC & CRE Concentration Ratios

Added both ADC (Construction) and CRE to Total Risk Based Capital ratios. ADC goes all the way back in time while CRE starts fully in 2012 Q1 when Thrifts converted to full Call Report reporting.

09-15-14: Added Tier 2 Capital Ratio

Added Tier 2 Capital ratio to the Bank Home tab.

09-12-14: Added 2 New Deposits Metrics

Added Money Market Accounts to Total Deposits and Other Savings Accounts to Total Deposits to the Deposits tab.

09-05-14: All Loan Amounts Export Option

Each Export section now has the option to download all tracked loan portfolio amounts in one export. Prior to this users had to export each independently - which was rather painful and not real smart of us.

09-03-14: Insured Deposits

Added Insured Deposits to Total Deposits ratio which can be found under the Deposits tab.

08-19-14: Pre-Provision Net Revenue Ratio

Added PPNR Ratio which has become an integral part of Bank stress testing. The PPNR Ratio is under the Income & Expense tab.

03-21-14: Branch Deposit Data

Added Summary of Deposits (SOD) branch data. The SOD is the annual survey of branch office deposits as of June 30 for all FDIC-insured institutions, including insured branches of foreign banks. Institutions with branch offices are required to submit this survey to the FDIC by July 31.

06-27-13: Yield & Funding Detail

Added Schedule RI - Income Statement interest income yield and interest expense funding data by type.

04-06-13: Ability to View Banks with no Current Call Report

Added ability to view banks either no longer reporting (i.e. banks out of business) or have not filed a call report during the 30 day window after quarter end.

02-15-13: Search Box Enhancements

Updated name search from a strict literal to a less restrictive text search. It's not Google, but is less dumb than before.

Added ability to enter brdKey (e.g. HC1120754) into search box and auto jump to bank. Works similar to Cert and Ticker jumps.

02-14-13: Peer Detail: Replaced the Counter with a Rank

Prior to change we incremented a counter that would at times show an improper hierarchy when multiple banks had the same value. Also added a Median value at bottom of peer detail.

01-29-13: Added 10 Year Trend Chart to each Metric

Each Bank and All Banks metrics have a 10 Year Trend Chart showing performance for the past 10 years.

01-05-13: Implemented 3rd Generation Database

In our second such complete re-build we re-wrote our entire data table and stored procedure infrastructure. Combined with the 11/24 server upgrade the site is now twice as fast as the prior edition. We also fixed an earlier structural problem which did not allow peers at the cert level of multi-cert holding company banks.

11-24-12: Upgraded Server

We upgraded our server to an Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge E3-1270 - 3.40 GHz with 16 GB of memory.

11-06-12: Central Data Repository Implementation

A major implementation that allows for quicker updates following the quarter end. With the SDI we had to wait to day 54-58 past calendar quarter end to release the "new" quarter. Now we're at Day 15 for early filers. Also opens up new Call Report elements not in SDI.

08-22-12: Implemented State Peer Group

Community Banks less than $2 Billion in Assets now have the capability to compare performance against State Peers.

06-21-12: New Data: Added Loss Share Detail

Elements are from Schedule RC-M Memoranda and RC-N Past Due & Nonaccrual and detail Loss Share levels along with associated delinquencies by Loan Portfolio.

05-06-12: Find Banks OREO Data & Loan Data Tools

The tools allow users to search for banks that fit certain criteria regarding OREO and Loan Portfolios. The data can then be exported to Excel for further analysis. Ideal for users involved in REO or Loan Sales.

03-17-12: State & Metropolitan Performance

On all metrics added a State Chart and Metropolitan Table detailing local performance. Section shows up on Community Banks with less than $2 Billion in Assets.

01-25-12: New Dataset: Securities

Added 21 new metrics from Schedule RC-B Securities.

11-10-11: New Datasets: Asset Review and Liabilities & Equity

Added 26 new metrics from Schedule RC Balance Sheet.

08-16-11: State, Metro and National 10 Snapshots

On all metrics added the 9 closest banks (typically asset or loan size) to help gauge relative performance.

07-27-11: New Data: Added Auto Loans to Loan Data Section

Added the newly availble loan, delinquency, charge offs and recovery data from SDI.

07-07-11: New Dataset: TDR

Added 35 newly availble metrics regarding Restructured Loans and associated Delinquencies from SDI.

05-05-11: New Metric: Tier 1 Leverage

Another excellent client request for a common metric we were missing.

04-20-11: New Metric: Bank Salary/Benefit Expense Per FTE

Tracks Average Expense per Bank Employee. Possibly a better metric to track Employee Expense than the more common Salary & Benefits Expense to Average Earning Assets ratio.

02-13-11: New Metrics: Provision, Pre-Tax and Taxes

Added 3 more metrics to the Income & Expense section.

01-26-11: New Metrics: YTD Income & Expense Metrics

Added the ability to toggle between Quarterly and Year To Date metrics for the Income & Expense section.

12-09-10: New Dataset: Deposits

From Schedule RC-E Deposit Liabilities we picked up 63 deposit fields leading to the creation of 34 new metrics.

11-05-10: Implemented Custom Peer Capability

While we're mighty fond of our default National 99 we were sorely missing the ability to create custom peer groups. With the new capability each user can create up to 3 unique peer groups for each bank.

10-11-10: Added Export Capability

Created capability for users to Export data.

09-17-10: Fixed Printing Issues

Printing capability improved for most commonly used browsers. Everyone has slightly different rules and it makes life difficult for developers (this means you Microsoft!).

08-10-10: New Metric: Efficiency Ratio

A client pointed out that, while we had all the data, we did not have the very important Efficiency Ratio. After about 3 hours of coding and 2 hours of testing we quickly rectified the embarassing oversight.

05-28-10: Release

After six months of development (and what seems like a million hours) launched.